I saw you walking through the night
I saw you in the morning light
I saw you standing at the sea
And I saw you smiling for a moment at me

I saw your footprints in the sand
I saw you in a foreign land
I walked in your footprints mile for mile
As I was hunting for another smile
But you were so far away
And I knew you couldn’t stay

You watched me fastened to a chain
You watched me standing in the rain
You were naked under your waterproofs
And your footprints looked like giant hooves


The flood filled your footprints by and by
And I thought I heard a baby cry
A red rubber boat drowned at the sea
And the sea looked like your footprints to me


This songbird sang his song to me
My chains vanished in the sea
You lost you raincoat in the rain
And you released me off all my pain

You came back in your footprints in the sand
You came back from a foreign land
And you walked in your footprints mile for mile
Through your wet hair I saw you smile
You came back from far away
And I hope that I can stay

Copyright 2020 by Tom Wolf

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